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Veada natural & groomed nails

Veada is Vegan & Cruelty free.
We work on your own nail and the hand files we use ensure that the nail remains undamaged and healthy.

To keep the nail as healthy as possible, we use BIAB (Builder in a bottle). It is a flexible and strengthening gel, which is applied to the natural nail.
BIAB contains nourishing ingredients so that after a few treatments you will already see results that the nail becomes longer, stronger and healthier.
The basic is always a nude color that suits your skin color with the extra option of a minimalist
artwork or single color gel polish.

Single color gel polish is available in different colours.

- BIAB Natural
Includes files and manicure.
Price: €65,-

- BIAB + single color gel polish
Including files and manicure
Price: €70,-

- Single color gel polish
Including files and manicure
Price: €50,-

- Art work minimalist
 (keep the natural look)
Both hands, 1 nail: €7.50
All nails: €14.50

- Remove and Manicure
Price: €25

- Removal of gel polish
only in combination with the above treatments
Price: €8,-

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